How can charities use digital tools to spread their message?

Is your charity making the most of digital technologies?

Is your charity making the most of digital technologies?

With more and more charities discovering the possibilities behind social media and the chances it offers to communicate with supporters and boost fundraising, telling your story online in an engaging way has never been more important.

In a recent article for the Guardian Voluntary Sector, digital marketing executive for the National Trust for Scotland, Adam Coulson, explores how charities can use digital tools to convey their message.

  1. Tell your story through social media. Don’t just throw lengthy pages of data and content at your supporters. Mix it up a bit by breaking up information into bite size chunks or turning data into infographics which will resonate in the supporters mind.
  2. Be creative. Utilise the skills within your organisation to ensure that your campaign stands out from the masses by doing something different.
  3. Connect with a wide audience. Supporters have different needs and wants. The benefits of social media mean that you can inform supporters of important developments or successes rather than just membership offers and upcoming events. Vary the content you publish on social media sites but keep a consistent tone.

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