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4 tech tips for charities

Can changing the way you use technology combat poverty?

Can changing the way you use technology combat poverty?

Technology is increasingly being used in innovative ways across the charitable sector. Whether it be to improve communications, increase the number of donation platforms or demonstrate impact through data and infographics, most charities are using it to their advantage. In a recent blog post for Reason Digital, Jordan Harling brings together a few ways in which technology can help to reduce poverty.

  1. Ensure your website is mobile friendly so that those without access to a computer will still be able to view it.
  2. Improve accessibly. Check that your website can be adapted to suit users with disabilities, so that everyone has access to your content.
  3. Use social media. Tweet about the locations of food banks, for example. Trussell Trust and The Guardian have both created interactive maps to help people locate their nearest food bank.
  4. Use visual tools such as infographics to show large amounts of data in an interesting way. For example, The Guardian has created maps to highlight areas of high levels of poverty the UK.

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