Open data a “powerful tool” for charities

Charities can benefit from open data

Charities can benefit from open data

In a recent article for the Guardian Voluntary Sector, John Burn-Murdoch comments on Minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd’s suggestion that open data could be “as powerful a tool to the voluntary sector as to any.”

Wider use of data in the charitable sector could be very beneficial. Organisations will be able to provide donors with factual evidence of their achievements, as well as discover more about their demographics through learning about giving patterns.

Nick Hurd, said: “Part of the value of civil society is holding power to account, and if this can be underpinned by good quality data, we will have a very powerful tool indeed.”

Charities using open data will be able to improve their services. CEO of Barnsley Hospice, Ian Carey, said: “We use data to capture the complexity of how we deliver palliative care and to improve this process. We can demonstrate as an organisation that we’re providing an important service to the people of Barnsley.”

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  • I went to the same Data Impact Conference as presumably John Burn-Murdoch did. While wider data sharing is generally to be welcomed, the Government’s own actions in promoting open competition for an increasing number of publicly funded services will act as a real dampener on data sharing. No wonder on the same day, there was a very well attended launch for a new booklet on data protection for third sector organisations.

  • RebeccaHorsley

    Thanks for your input. Indeed, that will be a very useful resource for charities.