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Kids Company appeals for donations through Vine app

Using Vine videos to raise awareness

Using Vine videos to raise awareness

A recent article in The Metro outlines how Kids Company, a charity which supports vulnerable children, has utilised the power of the iPhone and jumped on board the latest craze, Vine, to promote its cause. The videos portray children in disturbing situations; swigging from a bottle of vodka, sleeping on the street and foraging from bins, accompanied by the message ‘Make it Stop.’

The films were incredibly low budget as they were filmed on an iPhone so no money was spent unnecessarily on marketing strategy or post production; it is all about the raw footage filmed in a six second space.

Alex Grieve and Adrian Rossi from advertising agency AMV BBDO were behind the innovative use of technology. They say: “The looped film format is a really effective way of showing the relentless abuse cycle, and in just six seconds you get a powerful video that hopefully gets the message across.

“There were no complex cameras, crews or sound effects – just an iPhone. The fact we’re now looking at six-second ads shows just what a massive impact technology is having on advertising. I think we’ll begin to see lots more innovative uses of tools such as Vine for this purpose in the future.”

View the six second videos here.

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  • If The Metro suggest that this is the first fundraising message from a UK charity using Vine, they didn’t do their research. UK Fundraising reported on a variety of methods in which UK charities were using Vine back in January:

    With 308 retweets alone of that post, you might imagine it would have been spotted by The Metro’s journalist or researcher.

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