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How are charities engaging online?

Facebook is still more popular with charities than Twitter

Facebook is still more popular with charities than Twitter

In a recent blog post for Frogloop, Allyson Kapin discusses how non-profit organisations are using social media and mobile, following on from her insightful look into the decline of email and fundraising response rates which Charity Digital News reported on last week.

Charities are becoming increasingly aware of their presence on the internet, particularly social media channels. Kapin draws data from the 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study, revealing that email lists still reach the largest audience. For every 1,000 email subscribers, the Benchmarks Study records 149 Facebook fans, 53 Twitter followers and 29 Mobile subscribers.

The study also revealed that organisations using Facebook:

  • Post on Facebook once a day, on average
  • Found that a photo is most likely to be shared by supporters or encourage engagement
  • Experience a monthly growth rate of 2.6%

Organisations using mobile:

  • On average, sent nine text messages to supporters each year
  • Found mobile lists increased by 32% in 2012, which is twice the rate of email lists
  • Text message churn rate was 8%

Check out Kapin’s full blog here.

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