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Online engagement can increase fundraising


55 non-profits were surveyed

55 non-profits were surveyed

The 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study surveyed 55 non-profits and found lots of interesting email and fundraising data. In a recent article, Allyson Kapin at Frogloop summarises this data so that charities can compare their own benchmarks.

Results demonstrated that online revenue and email list sizes have increased, proving that charities are finding new supporters through online channels. Despite this growth, email response rates are lower. This could suggest that charities are not engaging with supporters properly.

The survey found that online fundraising grew by 12% in 2012 and that email fundraising provides 33% of online giving. Click-through rates of fundraising messages went down 27% from 2011, as did response rates.

Kapin highlights that the main point to gain from this data is that organisations should engage with their supporters to increase fundraising opportunities.

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