Why is mobile essential to fundraising campaigns?

| 9th Apr 13
Charities should integrate mobile
Charities should integrate mobile
Charities should integrate mobile

Research has proven that by 2014, more people will use mobile devices than computers. Charities must integrate mobile giving into their fundraising strategies to keep their supporters engaged. This will ultimately provide more ways in which a person can engage with your charity and increase donations.

A recent blog post by Kari Anna Kiel, the Event Marketing Consultant at DoJiggy, a provider of online fundraising software solutions, discusses how the growth of mobile device usage will impact online fundraising campaigns.

Benefits of a mobile giving campaign will:

  • Show your supporters that your charity is ‘tech savvy’ and up to date with current trends
  • Allow you to connect with your supporters regularly and remotely
  • Increase the engagement factor
  • Allow supporters to make donations by credit card with a screen optimized for mobile
  • Allow access to your website at anytime from anywhere, such as on their commute
  • Allow people to share fundraising pages online