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Twestival events to run throughout 2013

Twestival has been running since 2009

Twestival has been running since 2009

This year, Twestival, a fundraising movement which raises money for charity through Twitter, is back with some changes. Since its launch in 2009, Twitter has raised GBP1.16m for 285 charities in a day of events across the globe. This time around, multiple events will be held throughout the year.

People on social media channels can submit proposals to organise a Twestival, or Twitter Festival events in their communities. They are able to choose which charity they wish to support. Those running the events will gain the use of online donation and organisation facilities deliveredd by PayPal and StayClassy.

One of the Twestival founders, Amanda Rose, is anticipating around 300 events will take place in as many cities by the end of the year. She said: “This is the biggest change we’ve made to the Twestival movement since launching in 2009, but our vision remains the same – use the power of social media to give back. Those who have been a part of Twestival know it is much more than just global charity events. Twestivals are a great way to connect with others you might only know on social networks. For many, they are an accessible and exciting way to throw support behind causes that have a big impact in the community they live in.”

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