How to harness the next generation of donors

Keep up to date with digital technologies

Keep up to date with digital technologies

A survey from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has shown that donations are the lowest since 2004/5. Many charities are failing to keep up with technological change. Head of research at CAF, Richard Harrison, says that charities are stuck behind the times; over half of donations are made in cash, 7% online and 1% by text message. In 1980, 8% of donors were under thirty years old and now it is just 3%.

A new contactless payment method has been introduced, Chip In, which will work like an Oyster card and make giving to charity easy. The project received a grant from the Innovation in Giving Fund, overseen by Britain’s innovation foundation, Nesta, as part of a GBP34m fund from the Cabinet Office.

With fundraising becoming increasingly digital, charities will gain helpful data to better monitor their donors. Charities will learn more about their demographics and improve their fundraising strategies as a result.

Harrison says: “Giving to charity should be easier and more fun than buying a book from Amazon.” Charities should get on board technological trends to ensure they are prepared for developments to ultimately harness the next generation of donors.


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