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Oikocredit survey shows 47% donate monthly

Survey results revealed

Survey results revealed

Microfinance provider Oikocredit recently surveyed 2,016 people across the UK examining the importance of transparent investment to donors. It revealed that almost half of the population donate to charity on a monthly basis and one in ten people give to charity once a week. With nearly 20% of the population admitting giving to charity less than once a year, organisations should think about ways in which they can gain more supporters.

The report also revealed that over 55s give the most regularly, with 59% giving once a month compared to 32% among those aged between 18 and 34. The use of digital can play a large part in both finding and retaining supporters. Finding the next generation of supporters is high up on the priority list for many charities. Communicating with donors through social media channels is an effective way to do this, as is ensuring website accessibility. Think about your audience; most will be accessing information through a tablet device and so ensuring a mobile friendly website and donation platform plays a key part in increasing donations.

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