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Tips for charities raising their profiles through TV

Could your charity raise awareness through TV?

Could your charity raise awareness through TV?

In a recent article for the  Guardian Voluntary Sector, creative director of digital media company, sounddelivery, Jude Habib, shares three examples of how charities have used TV to rally support and raise their profiles.

Charities can use TV programmes to put across their content and messages, and yet many are not making the most of this opportunity.

  1. Blue Cross  utilised the TV programme, Undercover Designer Dogs. The media and digital teams prepared key points to tweet during the show using the hashtag designated to the programme. If you are doing this, make sure your website is prepared for an increase in traffic so that it doesn’t crash as people are donating to your cause.
  2. Whizz-Kidz  was introduced on the Jeremy Kyle show, in an autocue written by the charity’s PR manager. Perhaps the presenter could be filmed using your services, an interview could take place with a charity member, or your charity could be named in the credits.
  3. King’s College Hospital Charity got involved with the programme 24 hours in A&E. Staff were interviewed, shared charity information on their social media sites and took part in webchats. The charity blogged live during the showing, focusing on keywords. Links were set up between the TV programme’s website and the charity’s. Social media channels were monitored and any mentions were retweeted and celebrities befriended.




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