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Twitter advice for charities

A few Twitter tips

A few Twitter tips

Twitter is a tool which, increasingly, charities are using to spread the word of their cause. It’s great for promoting events, encouraging fundraising and generating support.

A recent blog post provides Twitter advice which your charity or non-profit may wish to take on board.  We’ve summed this up below:

  1. Have a strong voice – supporters want to feel as though they are communicating with a human being, not a robot.
  2. Avoid tweets with semi colons as they don’t get retweeted.
  3. Use proper grammar and punctuation. Check your spelling. It’ll give your tweet more credibility.
  4. Keep hashtags to a minimum. Make sure they are relevant and don’t overdo it.


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  • Linda Petrons

    I’d be interested to find out if and how charities are capturing data from Twitter followers and Facebookers?

  • RebeccaHorsley

    Hi Linda, thanks for your comment. If you use a tracking code on your Tweets and Facebook posts then you can capture/access data via Google Anaytics.