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CloudSymphony introduces digital apprenticeships within the third sector

Following the sixth annual National Apprenticeship week which was held between 11-15 March, CloudSymphony, a partner that implements CRM strategy across the third sector, has released details of its own involvement in helping apprentices to gain digital and technology skills within a charity and non-profit setting.

Introducing an illuminating testimonial from a CloudSymphony apprentice, Isabel Kelly, International Director of Salesforce Foundation commented:

“ has worked closely with CloudSymphony to provide cloud technology consultancy to third sector organisations. CloudSymphony is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Foundation BizAcademy Apprenticeship Programme, which aims to equip young adults with the business skills, technology training, and hands-on experience required to find long-term future employment.

“Kashaf is just one of many successful BizAcademy apprentices and we’re delighted she’s found rewarding work through the programme. We look forward to collaborating with CloudSymphony to give future BizAcademy Apprentices the same opportunity to step into the world of work.”

Kashaf has been with CloudSymphony for nearly 2 months – she is currently on site at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home where CloudSymphony are implementing as an Animal Welfare solution. Here is her description of her experience so far:

Having a weird feeling about my future whilst doing my A-Levels at Clapton Girls Academy Sixth Form Centre was a cause of concern for me. I did want to study but I also wanted to work. At the rate my mind was currently functioning I couldn’t see myself doing anything at all within the next ten years. I was completely puzzled.

Having discussed this issue with my Head of Year, I received all the support possible, from every teacher who was aware of my issue. They all helped me make a good and firm decision that would lead me to a secure future.

After applying to Skills for Growth I was more than lucky to be placed on the BizAcademy Apprenticeship. I started the five week intensive ADM201 course and quickly realised it is no cup of tea! Getting through this course required a lot of hard work, commitment and 100% determination. Having said that, the staff at Skills for Growth were always there to help with anything that I had difficulty with. They also helped a lot with improving my CV, writing a personal statement and to boost my confidence up to 100% in all areas.

During this journey I could have not have met better people to share my experience with. We had to work within separate groups to prepare a presentation, which then had to be presented to three different groups of employers in true Dragon’s Den style.

Honestly speaking, I thought that making the presentation was hard enough, as it needed the whole group’s input, but I was wrong – giving the actual presentation was even harder! It needed a lot of confidence and team work. Luckily my team included three guys – John, Bradley, Nick – who were the best people I could ever have done the presentation with. We worked really well as a team and got through the presentation successfully.

After the presentation there were questions to see how much we knew about, and the scenarios related to it. This part was nerve wracking, but I knew our team could handle it because we prepared beforehand by testing each other on the possible questions that could up. There were three groups of dragons we had to face, so in every break before travelling to the next group, I would make sure that my team members were perfectly fine, knew what they were doing and just for reassurance gave them a pat on the back and said: “believe in yourself and you will do well”.

These are the words which have brought me to where I am today, CloudSymphony’s Junior Salesforce Administrator.


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