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Mobile app creation platform Weejot Donate has launched

New mobile app creation platform

New mobile app creation platform

A mobile app creation platform, Weejot Donate, has just launched which will allow charities to develop their own donation apps. The app has been created in a partnership between Paypal, The Alzheimer’s Society and Jadu.

The technology is free for all registered charities for the first year. Charities will then be charged monthly: GBP100.00 for up to three apps, GBP200.00 for up to six and GBP250.00 for up to nine.

Work began on the app in September 2012 and ahead of the launch, many large charities had already signed up. The created app exists on the web browser rather than being downloaded from the appstore. Users are then directed to the Weejot page to donate through their mobile device. Charities are also able to have multiple apps for separate campaigns.

Chief executive of Jadu, Suraj Kika, said: “With Weejot Donate, we aim to transform mobile donations in the UK. By providing a strong mobile donating platform for charities to take advantage of the rapid uptake of smartphones and touch screen devices, we hope to give the UK charity sector access to the rapidly growing mobile payments market.”


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