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Blackbaud figures show engaging with supporters raises more money

Survey results revealed

Survey results revealed

Analysis undertaken by leading software and services provider, Blackbaud, has shown that online fundraisers who communicate with their supporters through sharing content online raise on average 264% more than those who do not.

As part of the study, 86,000 online fundraising pages, 50 charities and 100 fundraisers were assessed in the UK, USA and Australia. It was found that the average amount raised from a standard fundraising page was GBP176.62. This amount increased to GBP195.03 when the fundraiser added a photo or video, GBP206.62 when a blog post was added and GBP317.77 when their pledges were acknowledged by thank you emails.

Rob McAllen, Blackbaud’s product manager says: “We’ve clearly seen that fundraisers who engage their supporters regularly raise far more money for their causes than those that don’t. There can be a reticence about asking people for support, and whilst fundraisers shouldn’t become intrusive with requests, asking does work, especially if done in a way that conveys their passion and shows where people’s donations will help.”

The analysis was undertaken to support the launch of the latest version of Heroix, Blackbaud’s online fundraising platform, which is fully mobile optimised and integrated with social media.

McAllen added: “Whilst other online giving platforms have focused on SMS-giving we decided to make the Heroix platform fully optimised for mobile devices, including tablets. With more than 30 million smartphones in the UK alone, we believe that soon most people’s online activity will be done via their mobile. If people can’t view a website, or interact with a fundraising page because it isn’t mobile optimised, they will soon give up. Our research shows that engaged fundraisers are more successful fundraisers and we have delivered an online giving platform which makes that engagement easier than anything else in the market.”



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