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Six tips for charity CEOs to increase digital output

Charity leaders should get involved in digital

Charity leaders should get involved in digital

Charities are increasingly exploring the possibilities of digital and what it can bring to their organisations. Being innovative can be a great way to connect with donors; just think of how charities have jumped on board the Harlem Shake internet meme, even using it as a fundraising platform.

A report from Lasa, ‘Digital: What every charity leader should know’ surveyed the top charities about their digital engagement. It found that while 75% of charities had a digital strategy in place, only 35% of these were monitored by senior management. Charity managers understand the importance of digital to their cause and yet rarely discuss it in meetings. Over half of digital managers surveyed thought that the overall managers didn’t understand digital. 75% thought that this digital incompetence had a negative impact on fundraising efforts.

Introducing Cogapp’s report ‘Leading Digital Transformation: Recommendations for Charity Chief Executives,’ CEO of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Chris Askew, says: “Charity chief executives have a responsibility, I believe, to champion digital strategy and empower their teams to operationalise it throughout the organisation. They need to create an environment that enables the right things to happen.”

Head of third sector at Cogapp, Katie Smith, discusses six of the main findings in a recent article for the guardian voluntary sector network:

  1. Motivate your organisation’s digital ambition
  2. Communicate with your head of digital
  3. Constantly review the role of digital
  4. Operationalise digital
  5. Invest in digital
  6. Educate your senior team about digital



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