Blue Cross to receive donations through Facebook app

Has released a Facebook app

Has released a Facebook app

A Facebook app has been developed by Samsung Electronics to mark its 20 years of support to the Crufts Dog Show. The app, Help-A-Dog-A-Thon, will benefit the pet charity Blue Cross by letting users adopt their own virtual rescue dog in return for a donation.

Users simply ‘like’ the app to adopt a virtual dog. For every adopted cyber-pet, Samsung will donate towards a health check for a Blue Cross rescue dog. Much like a Tamagotchi, the owner must ensure their pet is fed, watered, entertained and well looked after.

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  • Can you include a link to the app in this article?

    In other articles I’ve read of yours I’ve found that there haven’t been links to the apps or websites you’re discussing. Instead you only have links to articles. It would be great if you could compliment your pithy articles with links to the apps, videos and websites you’re doing a good job at informing the sector about.

  • RebeccaHorsley

    Hi there. Thanks for your comment. The link to the app has been added! We will bear this in mind for future articles.