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Follow the Frog is worth sharing, says TED


Follow the Frog!

Follow the Frog!

TED, a non-profit organisation celebrating ‘ideas worth spreading’ has named The Rainforest Alliance’s ‘Follow the Frog’ video as one of the 10 TED Ads Worth Sharing for 2013.

The video, which lasts just over three minutes, follows the entertaining journey of an ordinary man who abandons his career and family to save the rainforest. Viewers are warned “this is what NOT to do,” rather they should buy products which contain the frog logo: “You don’t have to go to the end of the Earth to save the rainforest. Just Follow the Frog! Shop for Rainforest Alliance Certified products.”

Leading internet resource reporting on digital innovation, Mashable, commented that the ads in the top ten list “go beyond creativity by establishing meaningful connections with their audiences.”

Watch the full video here.


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