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Giveall2Charity aims to improve payroll giving

Improving payroll giving

Improving payroll giving

A new payroll giving agency, Giveall2charity, has launched, which claims to solve existing problems with portability, to process donations in 28 hours and give charities access to their own accounts.

Give2allcharity charges charities a subscription fee but no commission. For charities with a yearly income of GBP10,000 the service is free, and larger charities pay GBP24.00 a month. Costs are low because of the agency’s corporate partners, who have donated over GBP20m worth of software and resources. Since its launch two weeks ago, five companies have registered with the site and donations to around 200 charities are underway. Company employees can load as many employers as they like into their profiles, meaning they can continue to donate if they move jobs.

Tim Odell, CEO of Give2allcharity said: “They’ve also covered on-going costs in respect of all processing. Our affiliate companies believe in the vision. Our ethos is simple – we don’t want to make money out of charitable giving. We want to ensure everybody has access to the same level of resources, regardless of their size.”

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