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How can your charity use Vine?


Six second videos to promote good

Six second videos to promote good

Vine is a new app which allows users to create six second videos and share them through their Twitter channels. But how can charities make the most of Vine?

The app can assist charities by helping to raise awareness, communicate with donors, fundraise and recruit new staff. The app can be used to get across basic information in a short space of time. This grabs the attention of the viewer, which is likely to be held during the short, six second time-frame. Charities can use this time to show relevant statistics on screen to present their cause.

Charities could try engaging their supporters by asking them to create their own Vines to demonstrate their fundraising techniques. Asthma UK has started an interactive competition using Vine, asking its donors to show how they would celebrate if asthma could be cured.

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