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Royal Horticultural Society to use Blackbaud CRM

Implementing a new CRM system

Implementing a new CRM system

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), a non-profit which aims to advance horticulture and is responsible for the Chelsea Flower Show, has employed a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provided by Blackbaud to improve communications with its members.

The organisation needed an integrated system to strengthen customer relationships.  RHS selected Blackbaud due to its flexibility and wide usage within the sector. Blackbaud CRM aims to improve RHS’s use of the data from its 400,000 members, by combining fundraising, memberships, online applications, marketing and analysis.

Dan Wolfe, Royal Horticultural Society’s director of members, art & media, said: “Blackbaud CRM is a scalable and secure database that has the functionality the RHS needs. It provides a complete view of all our members, enabling us to see at a glance whether people have visited gardens, bought at retail, attended shows or are involved in other activities. We see Blackbaud and Blackbaud CRM as integral to our ongoing growth and development.”



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