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What makes a great charity video?

Top tips for a great charity campaign video

Top tips for a great charity campaign video

Many charities use video campaigns to spread their message. Having an effective charity video can be successful in gaining large donor support. Below are a few tips which could be useful when building your campaign.

  • Know your audience. Use an idea which you know will generate interest among your demographic. A good example of this is the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign which uses a glamour model and suggestive title to encourage clicks.
  • Encourage conversation. Use content which people are keen to share with friends through social media. Water is Life entitled their video First World Problems, drawing inspiration from the popular Twitter hashtag.
  • Have a strong narrative. Tell a story to draw the viewer in and care about the cause.
  • Get emotional. Create a connection with the viewer to make them want to help the cause. You could try making the experience interactive or use strong case studies as examples.
  • Use facts and figures. This makes the video real for viewers, letting them know what their donation could achieve. WaterAid’s video contains the fact, “In Malawi, one in eight children will die before their fifth birthday.” This also shocks the viewer, making a donation more likely.
  • Encourage donations. Videos should provide ways the viewer can help the cause, be it through donations, volunteering, or spreading the message. Include a number, website or link which will lead the viewer to make a donation.

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