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Charities should embrace the cloud

All services will be cloud based by 2015

All services will be cloud based by 2015

Many charities already benefit from cloud services.  The benefits that the cloud can bring at a relatively low cost are numerous; it secures documents, can improve communication with donors, and increase overall efficiency and effectiveness. In two years it is predicted that all services will be cloud based.

Recent research from LASA has revealed that smaller charities are less likely to outsource their services. It is hoped that more charities will be able to access the benefits of cloud technology following further research into the service and a better understanding of what it can provide.

Gareth Jones of Civil Society Media said in the Charity IT survey: “The most hyped technology of recent years is of course the cloud, and this year’s survey provides a clear indication that charities are continuing to get on board, with more than a quarter now using some form of software-as-a-service”.

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  • I’m not sure cloud is really ‘the most hyped technology of recent years’ (there seem to be plenty of contenders for this title!) but we’re certainly seeing growing interest in our cloud CRM system for membership and donor management by charities and other third-sector organisations. Actually, with excellent timing, an article has just been published on our log entitled:

    “Top tips for NFPs looking to embrace a cloud-based CRM system”.

    So you might like to check this out …

    I hope it’s appropriate and of interest … Andy.