Five charity tech trends for 2013

Here are five digital trends which are looking to gain momentum in the charitable sector this year.

| 7th Feb 13
Digital trends for 2013
Digital trends for 2013
Digital trends for 2013

Charitable organisations are encouraged to stay ahead of the digital trends in 2013 to ensure that supporters are continually engaged and stay loyal to the cause. Below are five areas which charities should bear in mind.

  1. Making information visual. 2012 saw a growth of charities launching accounts on Pinterest or Instagram to share images with their supporters. These areas of communication are expected to gain popularity this year, along with infographics, which clearly depict data through a blend of text and images.
  2. Responsive design. It is important that charity websites are user friendly and make the donation process easy, consequently turning site visitors into donors. This could be as simple as making an online donation form easy to access through a tablet device.
  3. Real time data. Social media is now a popular way for charities to connect with their demographic. Supporters expect to be kept up to date with the latest goings on within the organisation. Data therefore needs to be efficiently tracked, analysed and recorded.
  4. Crowdfunding. Websites such as Kickstarter have experienced huge success; last year it raised GBP2m in its first month. Charities looking for a different fundraising method should bear this in mind.
  5. Use of mobile. Last year saw a huge shift to mobile giving and text donations. Charity apps were also a popular way to give to a cause. But charities are also encouraged to ensure that their websites are mobile friendly and accessible through tablets or smartphones.