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Cancer Research UK gains support through use of technology

New campaign saw 10,000 get involved

New campaign saw 10,000 get involved

January saw the launch of a new campaign from Cancer Research UK, Dryathlon, which succeeded in getting people to abstain from alcohol for a month and donate the money saved to the charity. Dryathlon made an impressive attempt at using technology to encourage mass participation.

It used the technique of crowdfunding, using the month of January to bring people together, which gave people a stronger fundraising purpose. Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular among charities. Many external sites are now available to charities which offer free services and take a percentage of the money raised. Large organisations might find it more productive to integrate crowdfunding into their own websites.

There are many other digital tools that charities should consider to generate mass support. This could be as simple as ensuring the charity’s content is accessible and interactive, by using infographics or video case studies on the website.

Charities could also use charts, visual images and Google maps to present their data, making it easy to understand for anyone visiting the site. The integration of “big data” in charities will provide a better understanding of the demographic. This could mean identifying a favoured activity which could then be used as part of the new campaign.

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