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Getting rid of fees to boost online giving

Getting rid of fees to boost online giving

Established charity directory website, Charity Choice, will allow UK registered charities to accept online donations at no cost. Card processing fees and a ten pence WorldPay charge will still apply to third party transactions, although donors will be given the option to cover these costs.

Part of the website will be set aside for charities to seek donations, publish news and broadcast events. Charity Choice used to charge charities who wanted to use the service an annual subscription of GBP89.00 + VAT and a 2% administration fee for all donations. Now the website will not charge any commission. Charities also have the option to set up a microsite for an annual cost of GBP89.00. The website is working closely with the Institute of Fundraising to get small charities involved to boost online giving.

Publisher at Charity Choice, Tanya Noronha, said: “Charity Choice is committed to giving charities a place where they can raise funds, connect with supporters and receive help in a number of ways.”

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