Transoft cleanses The Wellcome Trust’s database

A health charity manages to remove 13% of its duplicated data with the help of a leading data quality platform.

| 29th Jan 13
Getting rid unnecessary data
Getting rid unnecessary data
Getting rid unnecessary data

A charity which aims to achieve great improvements in human and animal health, The Wellcome Trust, has managed to cleanse their contact database by removing 13% of duplicated data, with the assistance of Transoft, a data quality platform.

The organisation, prior to this cleansing, had experienced some problems with inconsistent addresses, out of date information and duplicate records. Transoft implemented Transoft DBIntegrate which created a set of processes to tackle the large amounts of data involved. Any duplications found were removed, including 22,000 contact positions, 13,000 addresses and 17,000 contacts.

Project Manager at The Wellcome Trust, Alastair Reid, said: “Transoft provided a high quality, repeatable set of processes that removed the 13% of our data that was duplicated, and ensured our complex data cleansing requirements were met. This has led to increased trust in our data, an uptake in the number of staff wanting to use it, and improved relationship management with stakeholders. This wasn’t just a one-off project for us, we now have the tools and capabilities to ensure our data is kept clean on an ongoing basis, with all the associated benefits.”

Linda Trafford, Database Administrator at The Wellcome Trust adds: “The improvement to the quality of the data is significant, and allows users to have much greater confidence in their communication with our contacts. We are now saving a lot of user time, and the data is far more satisfying to work with. It is a joy to type in a university name and only have one record appear!