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Social media a springboard for IF campaign

Enough Food for Everyone

Enough Food for Everyone

Over 100 charities have teamed up to launch what is being dubbed the largest joint humanitarian campaign in the UK since Make Poverty History. The campaign, entitled Enough food for Everyone (IF) launched on Wednesday 23rd January and aims to put a stop to the large numbers of young people around the world who don’t have access to enough food.

The campaign is making the most of the current buzz around social media, as participants are encouraged to spread the message through Twitter, Facebook, and any other platforms available to them. The launch event on Wednesday featured a 12 minute Twitter-power 3D animation during which time campaigners inform viewers that 52 children will die from malnutrition and GBP2.3m in tax will be avoided by large companies in poor countries. It also detailed how the UK will have burnt enough food crops in our cars as biofuels to feed almost 90,000 people for a day. On publication, the campaign had generated over 5,500 tweets and had been shared on Facebook more than 450 times.

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