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The Summit Conference 2013

Great donor communication is integral to a charity's success

Great donor communication is integral to a charity’s success

Note: This event has been cancelled. See article under ‘More News’ published 12/2/13 for more information.

A one day conference, The Summit, will take place on the 22nd April 2013 at the Bishopsgate Institute in London. The conference is organised by Giles Pegram, CBE of the NSPCC and Professor Adrian Sargeant, fundraising expert, who say that despite major economic, social and technological changes charities face, there is an opportunity for charities to boost their income. The main aim is to improve donor communications which will raise billions of pounds more for charity.

Ten expert speakers will be sharing their knowledge in a single narrative rather than separate presentations designed to reinvent how charities fundraise. Fundraising directors are the main audience the event is likely to attract but organisers also welcome attendance from CEOs, Finance Directors and trustees to see how they can support the changes.

Giles Pegram says: “For the first time in our lives we know for a fact that there are things we can do that will make a transformational shift in our donor income.”

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