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CRM Watchlist 2013 places Blackbaud on top

For the second year running, Blackbaud has been named the winner of the annual CRM Watchlist. The CRM Watchlist gives recognition to technology companies which have had a significant impact on the industry.

Blackbaud, a non-profit software and service provider, beat a number of large firms to the top position. Many large charities use Blackbaud for its multi-channelled, secure platform, such as British Heart Foundation and Breast Cancer Care.

Compiling the list was Paul Greenberg, who says: “This was an incredibly difficult set of choices, but ultimately, the revised numbers ruled. Blackbaud’s impact in the non-profit market is even stronger than it was last year.”

Product Manager of European Markets CRM Blackbaud, Azadi Sheridan, says: “We make it our business to know every last detail about what our customers want in a CRM solution and believe we can deliver that to them, constantly refining and improving Blackbaud CRM in accordance with customer requirements and market forces.”

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