First video benchmarks survey for charities released

The collaboration between three big companies creates a survey which allows charities to see the success of their competitors campaign videos.

| 23rd Jan 13
How is your campaign video fairing online?

How is your campaign video fairing online?
How is your campaign video fairing online?

YouTube, Edelman and See3Communications are collaborating to conduct a video benchmark study for non-profits. It will explore the connection between the amount of views, shares and likes attained through YouTube and the impact these actions have on the charitable organisation.

One success story is Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign which achieved over 80 million views in just two weeks. Despite some criticism for its USD700.000 budget and content accuracy, the video succeeded in raising a significant amount of money for the charity. Around 2 million people visited the donation page, bringing in an average donation of USD20.00 per pledge.

If you have a charity campaign video, it has most likely benefitted your organisation in some way even it hasn’t achieved as many hits as Kony 2012. The video benchmark survey intends to create distinct benchmarks so that non-profits can compare their videos success to their competitors.

Charities from the US and Canada are eligible to take part in the survey, available through this link.  Responses will be anonymous and those who participate will receive pre-released findings in April 2013. The final report will be published in May 2013 and is available to the whole non-profit community.