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One year free microdonations service from Ploink!

Offering free service for a year!!

Offering free service for a year!!

Microdonations service, Ploink! has revealed that it will be suspending its fees in 2013. The website was launched in 2009 and enables users to donate small amounts of money to charities through the use of credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

Previously, 10% of each donation was deducted, plus a further 10p for transaction costs and promotion. The suspension of these added costs should bring the 450 registered charities an extra GBP200 each month. The website is interactive and engaging, as donors drag and drop virtual coins into charity ‘piggy banks’. The minimum donation is 99 pence.

Alice Strudwick, Director of Fundraising at The Lymphoma Association, has used Ploink! She says of the service: As a small charity reliant on voluntary income, we’re always encouraging our supporters to collect their loose change, as every penny counts. Ploink works like an online version of our loose change collection boxes and we’ve enjoyed promoting this new fundraising mechanism to donors. We now have 38 supporters on our Ploink page and have raised over £360 so far. We receive an excellent service from the Ploink team and benefit from the extra awareness they bring our charity by promoting our work to their thousands of Twitter followers. We would encourage any charity to sign up.”

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