Five apps to benefit your charity

Here is a round up of some clever apps which could make your campaign more effective.

| 21st Jan 13
Apps to benefit your organisation
Apps to benefit your organisation
Apps to benefit your organisation

Charities are realising the potential of mobile and its success in generating support for a cause. Many non-profits are creating mobile-friendly websites, fundraising platforms and innovative apps. Below are five mobile apps which could benefit your organisation.

  • DailyFeats enables users to earn points for doing significant acts such as volunteering for a nonprofit.
  • Square. This platform allows your charity to receive donations through a tablet or iPhone with the use of a small card reader plugged into the headphone jack.
  • This app shares information about your organisation with everyone who has downloaded it. It allows members to sign up for events and bring on other recruits.
  • VolunteerMatch. If you need volunteers, this app will help you find them. You can advertise on the app, specifying any skills or interests which are desirable.
  • MyWhereAbouts. Users can keep track of their progress and share information through other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. If taking part in a charity run, supporters can literally view their progress.