Improving online engagement could save money, new research shows

A saving of around GBP35m could be seen by UK charities if they improve their web engagement to relate more closely to their demographic.

| 11th Jan 13
YouGov YouGov release survey data
YouGov release survey data

Recent research from YouGov has revealed that if UK charities improved online engagement with their demographic, they could see a rise in income of GBP35m. The research was called for by non-profit IT provider, Eduserv, which aims to develop and improve technology systems which could save the charitable sector money.

Out of the 2,000 people questioned, 17% called for a more personal approach through the website or email, saying that it might increase the amount they pledge by GBP15.  In addition, 21% put the benefits of donating online down to convenience, and 11% found the security of online donating a secure process.

Haylie Oriot, charity sector manager at Eduserv, says: “Consumers increasingly expect good online interaction with websites because the likes of Amazon have done it so well. Genuinely good web engagement, which understands a donor’s previous interactions and uses this information to provide a more bespoke experience, has yet to take off in the charity sector.”