vInspired creates crowdfunding platform Igniter

Collaboration expects to see a rise in charitable giving among young people.

| 9th Jan 13
vInspired Supporting young people in charitable giving
Supporting young people in charitable giving

A UK charity, vInspired, which helps young people with funding for charitable projects, has launched a crowdfunding platform. The platform, Igniter, allows young people to connect with the public to gain support for their ideas and bring in donations.

Current projects include causes such as female empowerment, social enterprise and mental health. After twenty four hours of the site being live, one project had already reached its funding goal. Donors receive badges for contributing to the cause and money is only collected if the target is reached in the set time limit.

Head of digital at vInspired, Damien Austin-Walker, says: “We already know that there’s an appetite among young people to run their own projects but a lack of suitable funding opportunities. We have created Igniter to test if the public want to help fund projects.”