Big data and mobile technologies look to be popular in 2013

Blackbaud reveals results of survey which predicts the future of technology in the charitable sector.

| 9th Jan 13
Blackbaud Release results of survey
Release results of survey

Services firm Blackbaud has revealed that 2013 will see a rise in big data and mobile technologies in charity. Big data will see data analysis become more in-depth, improving funnel based web reporting and attribution modelling. Mobile giving is set to increase, with The Blackbaud State of the Nonprofit industry survey in 2012 demonstrating the extent of how mobile impacts donors everyday lives.

Despite this fact, only 30% of charities have employed mobile browsing on to their websites and 20% allow emails to be viewing through a mobile device. Other predictions for technology trends this year include social scoring, peer to peer fundraising and pan-European payments, which will provide charities opportunities for international growth.

Azadi Sheridan, product manager for European markets, says: “Consumers are becoming ever more wedded to their phones and not-for-profits have to embrace this in 2013. That includes SMS donations and optimising content for mobile viewing but also recognising emerging technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) and contactless payments. These are starting to be used by consumers, and not-for-profits need to be mindful of people wanting to engage and donate using these technologies.”