Over a million raised for UK charities by Localgiving campaign

Matched giving campaign Grow Your Tenner has raised GBP1.2m for UK charities.

| 8th Jan 13
Localgiving Campaign matched small donations


Campaign matched small donations

Localgiving’s Grow Your Tenner campaign, which matched small donations, has raised GBP1.2m for charities in England. 47,000 individual donations were made, an increase of 700% from previous campaigns. In addition, the number of local charities registered to the campaign rose by 25% to over 3,000.

A grant of GBP500,000 from the Office for Civil Society made the Grow Your Tenner campaign possible, matching GBP10 of every donation made to registered charities. It lasted for three months, making it the longest matched giving campaign led by Localgiving.com. It also used the direct debit option first time and over 1,000 payments were generated through this platform.

Founder of Localgiving.com, Marcelle Speller, says: “Grow Your Tenner has been a huge success and is a model we will, no doubt, build on in the future. It’s wonderful that so many local charities and groups have received help from their own communities, and that new donors are discovering the joy of giving.”