2012 saw record breaking charitable giving, announces Razoo

Crowd funding platform Razoo has seen a drastic rise in donations in 2012.

| 7th Jan 13
razoo 2012 a good year for giving
2012 a good year for giving

The fastest growing crowd funding platform for non-profits, Razoo, has announced that 2012 saw the biggest income in charitable donations. Since its formation Razoo has raised over USD135m for 16,000 non-profits in the USA.

Razoo has an industry leading Giving Days account which has contributed to the large funds raised. This account uses online gaming, competitions and social interaction as a way of rallying support.

CEO of Razoo, Lesley Mansford says: “Giving Days are effective ways to bring communities together and highlight the great work that local non-profits are doing. They create a sense of urgency and the gamified elements make Giving Days fun. Giving begins at home. Through Razoo’s platform of localized giving we plan to exceed the number of Giving Days in 2013 with 8 already scheduled in the first quarter.”