Social media and fundraising

Charities are encouraged to explore the benefits of social media in fundraising.

| 3rd Jan 13
Social Media How can social media benefit your campaign?
Social Media
How can social media benefit your campaign?

Reaching out to your demographic through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter can be a useful tool in fundraising, although many recognise that charities should not put too much emphasis into this platform, and only in very exceptional circumstances have real successes been recorded.

A blog by The Hilborn Charity demonstrates when successful marketers have used social media tools to great effect, such as Facebook, which has used campaigns to encourage donors to involve their family and friends with a cause they support. This idea of peer-to-peer fundraising has results due to people being more likely to be affiliated with causes supported by their friendship group.

Research has also shown that 25 of such campaigns found that an around 18% of donations came through Facebook, with one case recording 33%.