Micro-donations platform Pennies boosts donations in the run up to Christmas

A scheme asking customers to round up their purchases to the nearest pound saw a drastic rise in donations in the week leading up to Christmas.

| 3rd Jan 13
Pennies The quick and easy way to donate
The quick and easy way to donate

The week before Christmas saw a rise of GBP2,000 to GBP15,000 raised for charity due to the micro-donations scheme Pennies, which allows customers to round their purchases up to the nearest pound. The average donation is 30p.

Since the Pennies Foundation introduced the scheme in 2011, toy retailer The Entertainer has succeeded in raising GBP250,000 across its 78 UK stores. They were the first to use the scheme, and recently DFS and Monarch Airlines have also decided to employ micro-donations. The money is split between four children’s hospitals.

Managing director of The Entertainer, Gary Grant, said: “People are inclined to be generous, and we have seen them display this generosity since the launch of the partnership with Pennies. It has been incredible to see the donations add up to make a difference. Our traditional charity boxes would generate less than £2,000 a year so it has been tremendous to see the donations come in so quickly and easily with the electronic charity box.”