Charity: Water boost innovative technology with Google grant

GBP5m Google grant will allow Charity:Water to install sensors in wells across Africa to keep donors up to date with their contributions to the cause.

| 2nd Jan 13
Charity Water Charity:Water benefit from GBP5m Google grant


Charity Water
Charity:Water benefit from GBP5m Google grant

Charity: Water is an organisation which aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to those in developing countries. The charity leader, Scott Harrison, has been innovative with his use of technology by sending donors photos and GPS coordinates for each water project that they help to fund. This provides donors with the assurance of where their money is going.

Google has recently invested USD5m into the charity and will fund the installation of sensors in 4,000 wells across Africa by 2015 to record water flow and provide real-time data. The grant is part of Google’s Global Impact Awards, which saw an overall investment of USD23m with the aim to increase innovation among non-profits.

Google’s Director of Charitable Giving, Jacquelline Fuller, said: “We’re really looking for the transformational impact from clever uses of technology. But that sometimes involves risk that new technologies and innovations may not work.”