25 charities to receive Nominet Trust funding

Nominet Trust

Offering funding solutions for charities

A fund of at least GBP14,400 has been made available to 25 charities to revamp their websites using the Raising IT platform. The fund, offered by the Nominet Trust, was made available to charities in England and Wales, and those which have an annual income of GBP1m or more. Charities eligible also had to partake in online fundraising and the deadline for entries was December 24th.

The Raising IT system works on the SaaS model (software-as-a-service) giving charities further control over social media as well as providing a content management system (CRM) which is closely aligned with donations, e-commerce and the overall campaign.

The 25 charities to receive the funding are still to be announced.

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  • firstpresence

    Reported a bit late. The deadline was in December!

  • RebeccaHorsley

    Apologies! The article has now been updated. Sincerely, the editor at CharityTechInsight.