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Innovative charities engaging with new technologies

Innovation in Charities

Is your organisation making the most of new technologies?

Below are some examples of charities which are engaging with new technologies in an attempt to promote their cause, improve overall efficiency and increase donations.

  • Blackbaud and JustGiving have connected their application programming interfaces (APIs) which allows customers to import donor data into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • The Stroke Association uses LogiXML to monitor its performance, managing its balanced scorecard. Data is drawn from 40 different feeds so managers can make more informed decisions.
  • Action for Children track their own activity and that of competitors by using Searchmetrics, a social analytics software. This keeps the charity in the know with digital strategy; since using the software they have moved up the search rankings and made improvements to their online visibility.
  • The Jubilee Time Capsule, a digital platform celebrating the Queen’s 60 year reign, was a collaboration between three companies. Attido Mobile managed iPhone apps, Melbourne ran the data centre and Capsool developed the initial platform for content to be uploaded. The charity called for people to upload their memories on to the site, which were filtered and shown to the Queen on a tablet device.
  • Age UK and Cycell partnered up to create a compact, easy to use, mobile phone with four speed dial buttons.
  • Children in Need use payment technology Sage Pay to collect donations through their mobile app. Donations are processed at no cost.
  • The Equal Rights Trust use Advantage NFP Fundraiser as its CRM software, which is a flexible option.
  • Friends of St Mary’s Church also use the Advantage NFP Fundraiser CRM system to organise fundraising events.
  • The Herriot Hospice uses electronicpoint-of-sale terminals (EPos) from Kudos in its charity shop. This makes it easier to manage transactions, financials and gift aid.



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