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Charity engages young people with “play and donate” microsite


Healthy Planet

Exploring online opportunities

Healthy Planet, a charity centered on conservation, has announced that they will be launching an online community in 2013. This microsite will use games and fun activities to reach out to young people, affiliating them with their cause. The site, developed by digital agency Epitype, can be accessed via Facebook and Twitter and integrates Google maps, allowing users to view the locations of specific projects.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to share news about current conservation issues online. They will gain points depending on how actively involved they are, which will lead to badges.

Shaylesh Patel, founder of Healthy Planet, said:  “The conservation community is a new and fun way for anyone anywhere to support conservation projects that are helping to keep the planet healthy. We are changing the way you can interact, bringing it online and making it instant.”

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