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CRM providers call for a universal gift aid programme



Call for a universal system for online gift aid applications

A leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provider has called for HMRC to develop one single programme for filing online gift aid which can be used by all charities.

HMRC introduced the new paperless system last month which will come into play in April 2013. CRM providers dominating the charitable sector will upgrade to comply with the online gift aid filing, although there is doubt over whether some charities with adapted systems might have to write the upgrade themselves.

HMRC have given charities time to switch to the online system, allowing paper filing for the foreseeable future. Product manager at Iris NFP, Charles Bagnall, puts forward the idea that a single programme should be written to cover all CRM systems, allowing charities to upload claims directly from their databases, making the process far more efficient. This was welcomed by many in the CRM sector.

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