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Making a mobile website could boost fundraising

With websites being the first point of call for anyone looking to donate to a charity’s cause, it is important to keep up to date with new technology to ensure your website is at its best. Below are some examples of charities which have understood the trends of the moment and used this knowledge to build a successful following.

Macmillian Cancer Support – their mobile website is specifically designed to be viewed on-the-go via Android phones. Donations can still be made remotely, simplifying the process and making it accessible to all.

World Wildlife Foundation – Again utilising the power of mobile technology, when users access the website they are met by Donate and Adopt options and are able to view videos resized to fit the smaller screen.

The King’s Fund – Their mobile site is organised so that news and links appear in one column, making it easy to view on a handheld device.

The Charity Commission – this regulates charities across the UK, allowing you to check their mobile website to see whether organisations are registered before committing to a donation.

Justgiving discovered from a report that 36% of their online traffic came from mobile phones, and this figure could be assumed to include many other charities as well. Websites should ensure the users have a positive experience, influencing the user to make a donation.

2013 is thought to be the year that mobile web pages really make an impact on the charitable sector. Therefore, the sooner your charity embraces technology and understands its impact on the consumer, the better.

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