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Twitter provides innovative fundraising platform for cancer charity


Tweeting a tale

Dave Kirkwood, a designer from Manchester, has decided to take action against cancer in an unconventional and innovative way. To raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, he has invented a project called 3hundredand65, a graphic novel comprised of 140 word tweets.

The story itself is framed by random tweets on the page, so the plot is completely out of his hands, giving social media users the power. When finished, Kirkwood is expecting around 10,000 words and 366 illustrations which will then be available to access via a free iPhone app. The aim of the project is to reach GBP 125,000 by June 2013. Donations have been made available through the website or their JustGiving page.

In addition to the online storytelling, Kirkwood has arranged a bike race at Manchester Velodrome in March next year which will bring cancer sufferers and celebrities together. Specialised micro-payment software will be utilised, making online donations accessible to the public, as well as live streaming and regular Twitter updates throughout the event. The project is due for completion on New Year’s Eve.

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