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23 million dollar Google grant for charities

Global Impact Awards

23 million dollars worth of funding was up for grabs!

The Global Impact Awards named the seven fortunate non-profit organisations which will be benefitting from a share of Google’s 23 million dollar grant intended to spur innovation within the charitable sector. The grant is in place because according to Google, not enough funding goes into supporting innovation in non-profit organisations and so it is their aim to target this discrepancy and advance charities’ technological developments.

The first round of funding will be spread across seven charities, including charity: water, The World Wildlife Fund, and The Smithsonian’s Barcode of Life project. Jacqueline Fuller, Google’s Director for Giving, said the funding will help these charities “use technology and innovative approaches to tackle some of the toughest human challenges. From real-time sensors that monitor clean water to DNA barcoding that stops wildlife trafficking, our first round of awards provides $23 million to seven organizations changing the world.”

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