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Cancer Research use social media to promote Dryathlon



Cancer Research launch Dryathlon

Cancer Research has recently launched a new campaign which challenges Briton’s to go alcohol free in January 2013. Participants will gain sponsors or simply donate the money they save on alcohol. The UK charity has taken an innovative approach in the campaign’s construction, adapting its main website to generate interest in the cause and using social media channels to great effect.

There is also a specialised Facebook page, Twitter feed and microsite which have been created solely to support the campaign. Those taking part, otherwise known as Dryathletes, can communicate with each other via these channels, by forming teams and competing for the top spot on the leader board. The Cancer Research website has adopted some interactive features to promote the cause, including an alcohol calculator which allows you to input your weekly alcohol intake and see what you could save in both calories and money.  A marketing campaign will be launched at the same time, utilising digital platforms, radio adverts and printed beer mats.

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