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Utilising New Technologies will Raise More Money

New Technology

New technologies for giving

Earlier this year, the Cabinet Office and Nesta revealed that they would be investing GBP 10m into charitable innovation. The money has since gone into projects such as Timto and Pennies, which have both launched original fundraising platforms. Other charities are recognising the benefits of new technologies, and are attempting to make donating not only accessible, but also a fun and interactive experience.

Social networking is another platform which is vital for a successful campaign. A study by Samsung showed that people use their iPhones predominantly to browse social media sites. JustGiving and Sport Relief both have a very successful online presence, writing regular status updates and recognising donor’s contributions on their websites.

The SMS donation service JustGiving allows users to donate via their mobile phone. Elizabeth Kessick, the Head of insight at JustGiving, says: “People use their mobile devices in a different way than their desktop computers, often filling spare time browsing and viewing, not really expecting to transact. This is why mobile giving transactions need to be incredibly easy, transparent, and safe: if you see a story which compels you to donate, you want to be able to get your phone out right that moment and show your support.”

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